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Eldorado Pressure Services offers  a multitude of services and products.

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Standard two ton pressure testing truck

2 Ton Pressure Trucks

These two ton trucks can meet all your basic pressure testing needs and more.


  • 5k, 6k, 7k and 15k units
  • Flow Ranges from 40L/min - 160L/min
  • Two Compartment tanks capable of 3500L
  • Optional data acquisition systems
One ton pressure testing truck with mattracks for muddy sites

2 Ton Track Pressure Truck

These pressure trucks come equipped with Mattracks to access tougher terrains.


  • Equipped with Mattracks
  • 3 cubic meter, 2 compartment tanks
Specialty pumper truck with tri-drive for large jobs

Specialty Pumpers

These trucks specialize in opening frack ports, completing mini fracks and setting horizontal packers systems. The high capability of these trucks allows them to blend chemical batches and gel pills on the fly.


  • Available in tri-axel or tandem
  • 10k and 15k
  • Full data acquisition systems
Three ton single axel pressure truck

3 ton Single Axel Pressure Trucks

Three ton pressure trucks to specialize in heavy duty jobs.


  • 4k ,5k and 6k pumps
  • 2 compartment tanks, 5 and 6 cubic meters
Tank Truck with trailer tank and pup capable of holding 24000 liters of fluid

Tank Truck and Pup

For carrying large amounts of chemicals.


  • Tanks total 30 cubic meters
Two ton picker truck capabale of 4.5 ton loads

Picker Truck

These trucks can handle almost all of your basic hauling and picking needs.


  • 4.5 Ton Picker
35 Foot flatbet trailer with generator, lights, heated toilets and more

Combo Unit

This combo unit, provided by Eldorado subcontractor, R&L Energy Rentals, covers all your well site needs and more. This custom built combo unit features heated bathroom, power, storage, lights and more.


  • 35 foot (10.668m) flatbed trailer
  • 2 heated flush toilets
  • 62 kw diesel generator
  • 3 cubic meters (3000L)  of diesel storage
  • 2 dumpsters - bear proof - 6 cubic meters each
  • 25 foot (7.62m) light tower - 4000 watt
  • Storage barrels for rags and soaker pads

Chemical and Methanol Sales

Eldorado can provide any chemicals required for hydrates, dewaxing, batching programs as well as any required hydrotest fluids. We can take care of methanol tank fills with on call services or weekly/monthly fill programs.

Dual axel pressure testing pumper truck


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